Multi-Channel Marketing Performance Reporting Software

Communicate your marketing performance results clearly to others
View trends over time, compare channel performance, view actual results vs. target metrics
Easy to use, even for non-data people
Prints to PDF for quick sharing
Ideal for advertising agencies and companies of any type

What is SnapReports?

SnapReports is web-based software that lets you easily compile and share your marketing results data from each of your marketing channels. Enter data on-screen or via .csv/Excel file, then run reports. Just two steps. It’s that simple.

As simple as a “Snap,” you can create beautiful, colorful performance reports that are packed with just the data you need to show your internal team or your clients.


For whom is it designed?

SnapReports is designed primarily for:

  • Marketing managers, directors of marketing and CMOs who must submit regular marketing pe rformance reports to internal stakeholders such as the CFO, SEO, COO, or department heads
  • Small business owners who need to assess the effectiveness of their marketing efforts
  • Advertising agencies and marketing consultants with multip le clients for whom they run multi-tiered campaigns
  • Any marketing communications professional who are tired of cumbersome reporting software and wants reporting in a snap

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What makes it unique?

SnapReports empowers you to enter, compile, and query data from multiple marketing channels, such as:

  • Google Adwords™ or other PPC software
  • Banner ad campaigns
  • Facebook or LinkedIn ad campaigns
  • Email blasts or eNewsletters
  • TV and Radio ads
  • Magazine ads
  • Billboards
  • Direct mail campaigns
  • Just about any marketing channel

SnapReports sports an easy-to-use interface and offers you the most important reporting features that most people need and use, while leaving out the unnecessary ones that just get in the way. The result is software that is very easy to get started on, while giving you access to the data you need. SnapReports is built on the principle of monthly reporting, which simplifies both data entry and reporting. There are also several helpful features that allow you to meaningfully compare month-on-month performance data even though consecutive months are usually of different lengths.

What type of data does it help me keep track of?


For each channel, enter data such as ad impressions, clicks (or visits), conversions and cost. SnapReports automatically calculates cost per click, cost per conversion, and other factors. You can also choose to enter target data for key metrics, which makes it easy to see how you are doing relative to your stated targets.

SnapReports stores everything in an online database. It is password-protected, and all data is 256-bit encrypted for maximum data security.

How do I use it?

There are 4 easy steps:

  1. Create a new client in the system (hint: if you are the company, you may only need one client – yourself)
  2. Add new marketing channels that you will be reporting on
  3. Enter the previous month’s performance data into the system for each channel (e.g., Adwords, billboards, e-mail campaign, etc.)
  4. Run reports that automatically print to PDF for each viewing

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What are the benefits of using SnapReports?

  • Makes it easy to compare how each channel is performing relative to the others
  • Allows you to see month-on-month trends for each channel for any time period you choose
  • View your performance data relative to the targets you set in order gauge how you are doing
  • Gets all of your internal and external stakeholders on the same page when it comes to understanding how things are doing and where you are headed
  • Stores your valuable marketing data in one place
  • Encourages you and your team to plan your marketing activities in a way that maximizes desired results while minimizing costs
  • Makes it easy to see which channels are performing well and which are not, giving you the hard data to make course corrections

In short, SnapReports thrives wherever marketing, data and the need for solid reporting intersect. It was designed by data-savvy marketers for data-savvy marketers. Give it a try today.

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