SnapReports Product Tour

You can get up and running in SnapReports in under 5-10 minutes.

New client

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Add Clients or Divisions

Start by adding a new client (for ad agencies) or division (for companies). Note that many users may only need to add one client: themselves. You can even upload the client logo, which will be included all of your PDF reports. Time required: 2 minutes per client.

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New channels

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Add Channels

Your data will be entered, stored and reported on a "by-channel" basis. To get started, you will need to create a new channel in the system. You also have the option to associate your channels with a given market, which is handy if you are running campaigns across multiple markets. Time required: 1 minute per channel.

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Manage data

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Enter Data

Now, you can enter your performance data for each channel. You can do so on screen or you can download an Excel or .csv template that is customized to the channels you have already entered. Time required: 2 minutes per channel per month.

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Run Queries & Download Reports

Finally, just select the details for your data query, such as date range, desired channels, and whether you would like SnapReports to aggregate your data by channel type or market. Time required: 1 minute

Total setup time: 3 minutes
Total data entry + query time: 7 minutes
(assuming 3 channels for a one-month period)

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